Meeting Community Needs

Every day, the Y is focused on strengthening communities for kids, adults, seniors and families with programs that protect, teach, connect, heal, nourish and encourage. Thanks to the donations of our generous community members, we were able to offer $8,488,530 in Financial Assistance directly to individuals, children and families so they can participate in programs that enhance their health and well-being.

Youth and Government

Missouri's Youth and Government is a YMCA program with 1,100 participants, 110 volunteers offered $30,000 in Financial Assistance. Students from all over Missouri have the opportunity to immerse themselves in experimental civic engagement and to, quite literally, practice democracy. Teens meet in local groups throughout the year to discuss and debate issues that affect citizens of their state and to propose legislation. The program culminates with teens serving as delegates at their state conference, debating bills on the floor of the legislature.


The Y provided a supportive environment for 612,546 members in 24 Associations in 70 Missouri communities so families of all backgrounds, ages and abilities could meet their health and well-being goals through exercise, nutrition and chronic disease management and prevention programs.


11,515 volunteers supported the Y's mission to strengthen the foundations of community through coaching, teaching classes and serving as mentors. A volunteer board leads the direction of the Y's community work.

Building Careers

8,811 Missourians are employed by the Y, positively impacting the community by delivering impactful programs and services to make a lasting difference in the lives of those around them.

Senior Well-Being

52,410 people over age 65 participate in specialized wellness programs, social activities and events provided by Missouri YMCAs, making them one of the fastest growing segments of our membership.

Nurturing Youth

13,427 children were served nearly 500,000 healthy meals and snacks. In addition to receiving nutritious meals and snacks, youth ages 18 and under are provided recreational and learning activities to support their holistic development.


131,784 children and 177,215 adults participate in YMCA programs and services. These programs build community by bringing people of all ages and walks of life together to encourage teamwork, wellness and seeking common goals.