Add 24/7 access to the Osage Prairie YMCA and enjoy the Y on your schedule.




24/7 access is available as a membership add-on and provides access to the fitness center, gymnasium, racquetball court, and bathrooms during non-business hours. Access will include all weekends and holidays.

The 24/7 access option is available only to Osage Prairie YMCA members in good standing and have their memberships scheduled to make monthly payments via EFT. Any members currently on fixed-term memberships must first enroll their membership as an EFT.

No one under 18 is allowed 24/7 access unaccompanied. A member between the ages of 12-17 years old may utilize the 24/7 access option if they are accompanied by a parent/guardian who is also enrolled in the 24/7 access option AND on the same family membership.



Stop by our front desk or enroll online with the button below to upgrade your membership to 24/7 access for an additional $5 per individual per month. 
*Financial assistance does not apply to 24/7 access.*

24/7 access key fobs are $5 per individual, as a one-time charge or for a replacement key fob.

Agree to follow the 24/7 access policies.

On each visit to the Y after hours, use the 24/7 access key fob to scan into the facility.

24/7 Access Policies

24/7 Access Policy

The YMCA has a strict honor code based on our values of honesty, respect, caring, and responsibility. 24/7 Access will be granted under a Zero Tolerance policy. Members violating 24/7 access and/or general YMCA Membership Policies WILL lose membership privileges and NO refunds will be granted.  

24/7 Access:
  • Members enrolling in 24/7 Access to the Osage Prairie YMCA will have access to the fitness center, gymnasium, racquetball court, and bathrooms during non-business hours.  There will be NO access to the locker room, pool, CrossFit studio, child watch, classroom, kitchen, or administrative areas. 
  • Members enrolled in 24/7 Access must maintain an Osage Prairie YMCA membership in good standing to maintain 24/7 Access.  Late payment or insufficient funds will result in a loss of membership and/or 24/7 Access privileges.
  • The Osage Prairie YMCA reserves the right to add to, delete from, change, or modify this policy, agreement, and member expectations at any point as deemed necessary to ensure the safety and experience of all patrons.
Law Enforcement Special

Local law enforcement officers who are Osage Prairie YMCA members will receive the 24/7 access option at no additional charge, to increase law enforcement traffic after hours. This offer extends to all members of the:

  • MSHP Troopers
  • City of Nevada Police Officers
  • Vernon County Sheriff’s Office